Monday, August 22, 2005

Hello from Ann, and welcome to our blog! I recently became the CNF (Creative Non-Fiction) Editor for BloodrootZ and am anxious to hear from readers, especially those with work to submit.
Submission Guidelines
Submission periods are June through August for the November issue (THE READING PERIOD FOR THE NOVEMBER 2005 ISSUE IS EXTENDED THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2005) and January through February for the May issue. You may submit a maximum of three Creative Non-Fiction (CNF) pieces not to exceed seven double-spaced pages. Multiple submissions are permitted and encouraged as long as you notify us if your piece is accepted elsewhere. Please do not send a second submission until you have heard back about the first. Email us your submission by pasting into the body of the Email. We cannot open attachments. BloodrootZ publishes anything appropriate (no pornography or violence etc) Tasteful erotica could be considered.
Send to:
Concentrate on the experience. What thoughts and feelings did the experience evoke? What was happening? What were the mood and comportment of the people? What were the sounds and smells? Experiences should be focused into a story with a beginning, middle and end, and that is as evocative and interesting as you can make it. Introduce us to a story line or theme, then develop the tale and, finally, conclude. We want an ending, a logical conclusion to the story. Just stopping the story won't do. Our style is informal, yet polished, with a readable, literary quality. The story should use the techniques of the fiction writer to create a narrative the reader will be unable to put down. Use strong verbs in the active voice and avoid overuse of the verb "to be" in all its form, such as "it was" and "there are". We do not pay for accepted submissions at this time.
Our sister Ezine, Silk Creek Review (SCR), will also review nature-oriented submissions unless you include a statement with your submission that you DO NOT want it considered by SCR also.

A Blog for BloodrootZ

This blog is a portal to the Zine, BloodrootZ. We, the editors and readers will post here for you and you can join and post your work. It is not an avenue for submission to the Zine!

If you would like to submit, please send your submissions to:

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